Value of a Trademark for your Music Band and the process!

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Music Band and Trademark

Do you have a Music Band and you have gone through the tedious task of going through tons of names and finally came up with a logo of your choice for your band?

Then let us tell you that if you Trademark your band logo you will not only get protection for your Band name/logo but you can also earn income from the same. Stay tuned to know more.

What is a Trademark?

A Trademark is a distinctive symbol, logo, mark, emblem, word or words legally registered by a company or an individual giving a unique and distinctive identity to the business or the product/service, which differentiates the same from the competitors.

An example of a Trademark can be the Swoosh Device of Nike or Design of a Bottle of a Thumbs Up or the tagline of Britania (Ting Ting Ti Din Remember?). Such Trademark gives full rights of the respective device, design or tagline to the Owners, if anyone uses their mark without their permission then the Owner can take legal action against such infringer and claim damages along with injunction.

When is the right time to file a Trademark?

Mostly People are under the misconception that once they establish a brand name or value, that is the time when they should protect their brand/mark, however, we being the Trademark specialists would totally advise otherwise.  A brand name, logo, word, mark, emblem, etc should be protected as soon as you formulate the Idea. Every year 278170 Trademark applications are filed in India, if we talk about a day on an average 762 Trademark applications are filed, so the more you delay the process the more your chances or probability or registering your Mark decrease. So it is a onetime investment to protect your marks for a lifetime.

When can you start using the TM Symbol?

Once you apply for a Trademark through Trademarkclick for trademark filing, our team of professionals’ works round the clock and share the Trademark Number with you within 24 hours, once you receive this Number you can start using TM Symbol with your logo till the day you get your Trademark Registration Certificate.

What Protection does the TM Symbol provide?

Once you start using the TM Symbol, it provides you with equivalent protection that you get after a successful Trademark Registration until and unless your mark gets rejected. So you get the protection of a registered Trademark within 24 hours.

When can you start using  ® Symbol?

Once you have gone through all the stages and procedures of Trademark filings and received your Trademark Registration Certificate you can simply start using the ® symbol, which portrays that your logo/ mark etc has been successfully protected and registered with the Indian Trademark Registry. Once you have a registered Trademark you can generate revenue from the same by franchising /leasing/ licensing it.

How long does it take to register a mark?

Well on an average it takes 8-10 months to successfully register a unique and distinctive mark. However, without professional support or if your application is carelessly handled your mark can get rejected or abandoned which makes the process of Trademark Registration lengthier, complicated and heavy on your pocket. Support from Trademarkclick provides you with surety that your documentation will be free from encumbrances and will be as per the government requirements. Not only documentation, but Trademarkclick also performs a preliminary Trademark search which gives you clarity on the registrability of your mark. Gone are the days when you needed to leave your business and run from office to office to get your Trademark registered. Trademarkclick ensures that your Trademark registration is done online, such online Trademark Registration makes it easy to keep a tab on the status of your filing without the hassle of contacting multiple people or running from office to office.

Why Trademarkclick?

Trademarkclick is a unique one-stop platform for all your Trademark & Copyright related queries; we specialize in Intellectual Property Rights. Our mission is to spread awareness about protecting one’s Intellectual Property Rights (Trademark and Copyright) and make such protection accessible to all.

We provide regular E-mails and updates to the clients through our committed Team of professionals so that after filing your symbol, logo, mark, emblem, word or words through us you can leave all your worries to us.

If you have any queries like Trademark search, Trademark registration, register a Trademark, how to find a Trademark attorney, how to Trademark a name, how to Trademark a logo, how to register a Trademark in India etc feel free to connect with us.


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