Class 35
Advertising/Publicity Services, Book Keeping/ Accounting, Business Enquiry, Business Auditing/Management, News Clipping Services, Opinion Polling, Public Relations, Radio Advertising, Tax Preparation
Class 36
Accommodation Bureaux, Banking, Brokerage, Credit Card Services, Financial Consulting/AnalysisConsulting, Investment of Funds, Real Estate Agencies, Trusteeship/Fiduciary
Class 37
Burglar Alarms, Machinery Installation, Machinery Repair, Plumbing, Shoe-Repair, Window Cleaning
Class 40
Air Purification, Air Freshening, Book Binding, Cloth Cutting, Printing, Waste Treatment
Class 42
Architectural Services, Chemical Analysis, Engineering, Industrial Design, Scientific Research, Scientific Laboratory Services, Water Analysis, Weather Forecasting
Class 43
Accommodation Bureaux, Bar Services, Cafe’s and Cafeterias, Hotels, Restaurants, Tourist Homes
Class 45
Adoption Agency, Baby Sitting, Detective Agencies, Marriage Agencies, Security, Fire Fighting, legal services, security services for the protection of property and individuals, personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals